Chief Exec. | Rocky Flacko [P] 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Jun 2013
Good afternoon Aviators, this is a friendly reminder to everyone who participates within our company. I would like to say that, our company has had a successful launch, and we are up and running. I have noticed the effort members have been putting in, and I am glad to say that we will now be giving out pay checks. We do not have a set time and day, for when a member receives their pay check. We feel that it would be better to give the check out whenever a player has contributed. This means that, if you have been putting in a lot of time and effort, you may receive a pay check two days in a row.

The amount you receive will also be dependant on your performance, here is a list of factors that can affect your pay check.
- ((Activity))
- ((Good RP))
- Determination
- Achievements
- ((Performance in points))
- Helping out.
- Loyalty & Patience.
- ((Helping out by storing in the /fsafe))

Have a nice day, Aviators.
-Rocky Flacko

24th Jun 2013 fagget
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