14th Jun 2013 · Chief Exec. | Rocky Flacko [P] · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Good afternoon Aviators, this is a friendly reminder to everyone who participates within our company. I would like to say that, our company has had a successful launch, and we are up and running. I have noticed the effort members have been putting in, and I am glad to say that we will now be giving out pay checks. We do not have a set time and day, for when a member receives their pay check. We feel that it would be better to give the check out whenever a player has contributed. This means that, if you have been putting in a lot of time and effort, you may receive a pay check two days in a row.

The amount you receive will also be dependant on your performance, here is a list of factors that can affect your pay check.
- ((Activity))
- ((Good RP))
- Determination
- Achievements
- ((Performance in points))
- Helping out.
- Loyalty & Patience.
- ((Helping out by storing in the /fsafe))

Have a nice day, Aviators.
-Rocky Flacko

Permission Granted!
13th Jun 2013 · Chief Exec. | George Frank [P] · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Permission Granted!
After a meeting with the Chairman we are happy to announce that our Aviation organisation will be opening up new headquarters right inside the airport. Planning has been done and should be built very soon! For this to happen, our organisation has agreed to train any pilot that wish to learn to fly but not join the organisation to proceed their career ((without joining the family)).

New Executive's
12th Jun 2013 · Chief Exec. | George Frank [P] · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Rocky Flacko

and Carl Crook

Congratulations to Carl Crook as well as Rocky Flacko. They will be helping in the management of this company.
Rocky has been appointed as a Chief Executive ((R6)) and Carl Crook as a Executive ((R5)).
Well done to both of them!

30th May 2013 · Chief Exec. | George Frank [P] · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Private Pilot

Rey Kuz
Congratulations to Rey Kuz. He has now been officially promoted to a Private Pilot after showing his skills on the Maverick helicopter. It's a great achievement for this Academy as it is one of the first people to go through this training and it seemed to go well. Los Santos Aviation congratulates Rey Kuz with his wonderful achievement as well as a reward of $10,000 for all the hard effort.

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